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The Coolant Outlet Kit was designed to allow proper coolant flow, minimize back fire, and keep engine temperatures operating within a safe range. While also eliminating 3 pounds of bulking unnecessary componantry. The peice is machined from billet aluminum (6040) then anodized. Watch our install video (posted below or on YouTube)for more information on the many benefits of the modification.


Compatible with the the 2019-2024 X/L/RL 





If we do not have 4-way joints in stock for modificaion, a prepaid shipping label is emailed to you once your order is placed. Once printed place on any packaging and send your "4-WAY COOLANT OUTLET" to us via the prepaid Fed-Ex label given. The piece is modified upon acceptence and sent with the full Coolant Kit the next buisness day.


If a 4-way joint is in house you will receive a full kit with the modified 4-way and all prepaid shipping materials to send back your OEM 4-way. This insures the next customer gets a 4-way as well.


IF YOU HAVE CONCERNS ABOUT THE BIKES DOWNTIME or would not like a refurbished modified 4-way, we can or